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Sponsorship questions

The Conservatives, using Labour Day as
their backdrop, wrote a letter asking Elections Canada to look into the sponsorship by unions of events during the last NDP convention, saying it contravenes
party financing laws (given that unions can no longer donate to parties). The
NDP says it's done nothing wrong, and one of the named labour groups calls
it an attack on organized labour. Funny that now the Conservatives have a use
for Elections Canada – though on the surface it does appear they may have a
point. Half of politics is not only following the rules, but being seen to be
following the rules.

Thomas Mulcair not only gives himself
 for the party’s massive Quebec victory, but also says that if the party decides
to hold the leadership vote in January, he won’t run.

Olivia Chow says she’s not interested in
the NDP leadership.

Kady O’Malley examines the potential
weight of the labour vote in the NDP leadership.

Megan Leslie had some trouble getting
into her French immersion classes because there’s been a sudden run on them,
while Robert Chisholm is facing criticism for not even having a riding office
yet, even while he mulls the leadership.

And the government shelled out hundreds
of thousands of dollars on separate focus-group surveys to tell them the very
same thing
 they heard before. Did no one learn anything from The
Thick of It
about focus groups?

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