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Spotlight on sex work with the disabled

Scarlet Road delivers real deal

The documentary Scarlet Road tells the story of sex work with people with disabilities.
The Sessions, starring Helen Hunt as a sex therapist, opens today, Oct 26, in theatres across North America.

Meanwhile, a real story of sex work with the disabled is documented in the heartfelt documentary Scarlet Road.

“We’re not just dealing with one marginalized group, which is the sex workers,” says Scarlet Road director Catherine Scott. “We are also dealing with people with disabilities.”
Scott thought finding subjects for the film would be hard, but she says people with disabilities were eager to talk with her.
“They were so fed up with people not acknowledging them as whole people, having sexual desires and wanting to be touched and wanting to have intimacy.”
The DVD for Scarlet Road, which screened earlier this year at Hot Docs, can be purchased here