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Spotlight on Stalle: Radical Queer Semaine



People like Danny Goudreault (who describes himself as an artist with a small-cap a) will be there. I like a good humble feller, and I like this video. It's a bit of a time commitment internet-wise, logging in at 10 minutes. The vid is a Centre-Sud project featuring an overlay of voices taken from interviews with "Madame Diane" types. IZ NICE, U'LL LIKE EET, PROMISE.

COHÉSION et autres tentatives – Performance #1 from Danny Gaudreault on Vimeo.

This weekend:
2e fin de semaine d'ateliers RQS – 2nd RQS workshop weekend!

Saturday, March 19, 2011, at 12pm
90 de la Gauchetière Est

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