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Spray-on condom fits like a glove

Germany’s Institute For Condom Guidance is currently working to test a spray-on condom that promises to fit all cock sizes snugly and be less likely to slip off during sex. Engineered in cooperation with condom makers Vinico and Qualo Design, the product is expected to be available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in 2008.

“The feeling is nothing,” says inventor and sex educator Jan Vinzenz Krause. “I have tried it and the skin is very thin.”

Inspired by spray-on bandages, the product consists of a canister-like chamber into which the penis is inserted. At the touch of a button a mist of liquid latex is released to create an even coating. The final product is expected to have a five-second wait time before the freshly spritzed condom is ready for action.

“It works by spraying on latex from nozzles on all sides,” states the website. “We call it the ‘360-degree procedure’ — once round and from top to bottom. It’s a bit like a car wash.”

The spray-on condom, which goes on at about 22 to 25 degrees Celsius, rolls off like a regular condom. It also has a reservoir to catch cum though “it looks a little different but has the same function,” says Krause.

The reusable canister is expected to cost approximately 15 euros ($23) with latex cartridges costing about nine euros ($14). Each cartridge will be good for up to 20 sprays.

The company is currently recruiting men to test the spray-on condom.