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Spring into Fun at Dundonald Park

Centretown Community Health Centre (CCHC) and 8-80 Cities’ revitalization of Somerset Street’s Dundonald Park kicks off this Saturday with Spring into Fun.

The day of casual events will include art by Moods Expressed, a group of artists with mental health issues; blood pressure readings, courtesy of CCHC; and book walk, where a book’s pages are scattered throughout the park.

Additionally, the gardening club, Friends of Dundonald will meet at 1:30pm.

“Much like last year, community members and groups are planning activities throughout the spring and summer. We’re just kicking off, so we expect more activities planned in June and July,” CCHC communications officer Émilie Sartoretto says.

Although CCHC played an integral role in the park’s transformation, now that their joint report with 8-80 Cities is released, various organizations will take the lead on future projects at the park, Sartoretto says.

Read CCHC and 8-80 Cities’ report on Dundonald Park.  

Spring into Fun at Dundonald Park

Sat, May  11