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Springing for a rentboy does not make you a criminal

So, a new study is out claiming that men who require the services of prostitutes and rentboys are more likely to commit crimes because that’s the kind of shit that moves newspapers.

And here’s why that’s bullshit. First, the study says only that men who are open about their use of sex workers are more likely to admit that they’ve committed crimes. The key phrase here is “more likely,” not “paying a hooker means you’re a domestic abuser.” There are tons of men soliciting sex workers who are normal, friendly members of society. Is there a correlation between the two? Yes. Is there causation? Fuck no.

Unfortunately, there is the very real and present danger that sex workers can be assaulted or cheated by their clients, and, unfortunately, there isn’t anything they can do about it because the laws to protect sex workers are woefully inadequate. So yes, while the incidence of johns being violent criminals is nowhere near as bad as people think it is, it takes only one person to seriously harm a sex worker.

Honestly, the study just seems to perpetuate the stereotype that sex work is a scummy business. It’s not. There’s a reason it’s the oldest profession, and it’s not just that men like putting their penises in things for money (although, it doesn’t hurt). Hell, in 1995, New Zealand voted the world’s first transgendered former-prostitute into parliament.

She served for eight years.

Everyone pays for sex, so stop demonizing the ones who cut out the middle man. 

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