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Squirting through the ages throws a party to celebrate 15 years of helping guys hook up online hosts a party to celebrate 15 years of helping guys hook up online. Credit: XTRA FILE PHOTO

The year was 1999. He had blond highlights, wore shpants and was really into that new show Will & Grace. You met him on the latest hook-up site, Squirt, and spent a hot night doing the underpants merengue while listening to Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ la Vida Loca” on repeat.

Now, it’s 15 years later, and maybe he’s your husband, or maybe you can’t remember his name, but you know one thing: without a laid-back profile site like Squirt you might not have had a fuck session that, while it may have been comically stereotypical of the late ’90s, was one of the best fuck sessions you’ve ever had.

Squirt (which, just to disclose fully, is owned by Pink Triangle Press, which also owns Xtra) is about to celebrate 15 years of helping guys of all types hook up with a big anniversary bash at Fly Nightclub.

“Squirt provides a platform for men to meet other men for hot and horny hookups. We’re there to help guys get laid by guys in their area or when they’re travelling,” says Jeremy Foreshew, Squirt’s marketing and communications manager. “Our 15th-anniversary party celebrates all of this and is very much in line with our brand, which is unabashedly sexual.”

Some of the party’s unabashedly sexual attractions are two dark rooms (one of which is a sexy maze), fun and dirty videos playing throughout the night, and sexy live performances by various pornstars. The Squirt seamen (aka the guys from the ads) will go-go dance and mix and mingle with guests. Squirt members bypass the lineup and get in free; everyone else gets in for $5. When not cruising the sex maze or hitting on the seamen, guys can paw each other while dancing to music by DJ Chez.

For some, it will be a night to look back on in another 15 years and reflect, “Eek! I used to have a beard? Weird!” But more importantly, “That’s the night I met that hot guy and we mashed our beards together so passionately that our faces caught fire, but if I could do it all over again, I’d do it just the same.”