Toronto Diary
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S#!t Harper Did

Just in case the image of Stephen Harper as the Kraken (or, as I secretly hope, Cthulhu) on the cover of the last issue of Xtra didn’t make it clear enough, Stephen Harper may not be the best choice to lead Canada. In fact, some people would go so far as to say Stephen Harper is like if a douche and a turd had a baby, and then the douche-turd baby was raised by a pack of wild assholes and given stupid hair. But that’s just a harmless opinion, which can in no way be attributed to anyone ever. (Although just to be safe, you should probably repeat it to as many people as you possibly can.)

With tomorrow’s election in mind, here’s a website called Shit Harper Did dedicated to chronicling Stephen Harper’s “accomplishments” during his time in office, including such gems as his cutting science research funding by $138 million, and his trying to buy 65 fighter jets for $29 billion. Also, it prominently features a picture of Harper holding an adorable kitten the way I hold a delicious sandwich, as he stares unblinkingly back at you… Always watching… Hope you weren’t planning on sleeping tonight!

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