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Stanley Kubrick on display

New TIFF exhibit and film retrospective is dedicated to the iconic filmmaker

Stanley Kubrick was a very strange man. 

The groundbreaking film director redefined filmmaking with every project he touched. He was a frustrating character, he was a perfectionist, he was genius.

Not only is it possible to revisit his entire filmography thanks to TIFF Bell Lightbox’s Stanley Kubrick: A Cinematic Odyssey, but every movie he directed can be studied in thrilling detail with the help of a special exhibit now showing at the theatre.

Full Metal Jacket war-room recreation? Check. The infamous Shining door with accompanying axe? You got it. A sexy Lolita lounge with original film reels? Hot. We won’t even get into the Clockwork Orange room; there are no words.

Original props, photos, letters, costumes and scripts are all on display, along with dozens of fun facts about unfinished projects and behind-the-scenes stories. The exhibit paints a full, freaky picture of a brilliant mind at work. 

Highly recommended.