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Stars of David, Irish Pride and Merkel’s big decision

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German parliament votes on equal marriage Friday morning (Bundestag Parliamentary Television).

Germany votes for equal marriage

In a surprisingly quick vote Friday morning, Germany’s parliament approved equal marriage for same-sex couples. German Chancellor Angela Merkel voted against the motion, but is credited with softening her party’s stance on the issue and allowing the vote to go through. [The New York Times]

Jewish marchers in Chicago Dyke March asked to leave parade

Organizers ejected marchers from the Dyke March in Chicago because they held signs showing a star of David. Organizers said the symbol is tantamount to support for Israel, and made other marchers feel unsafe. [Newsweek]

Tanzania threatens gay rights crackdown

The government of Tanzania says it will deregister all organizations campaigning for gay rights and deport foreign activists. Homosexuality is illegal in the country and punishable by imprisonment. [Reuters]

Turkish authorities break up banned Istanbul Pride

Pride marchers in Istanbul last week were met with tear gas, checkpoints and arrests. Local authorities banned the event for the second year in a row, citing threats from ultra-nationalist groups. [The Guardian]

A tale of two Irelands

Big-name celebrities are putting pressure on Northern Ireland, the last holdout in the UK, to accept equal marriage ahead of Belfast’s Pride parade this weekend. Meanwhile, the openly gay head of state of the Republic of Ireland pledged to advance LGBT rights in the country.