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Stay warm and steamy at Sapphic Aquatica

Oasis relaunches its women and trans night

Mechtab wants to create a fun, comfortable and safe space.
Good news for women-identified folks who enjoy relaxing in heated pools, frolicking and having fun in a sex-positive space: Oasis is relaunching Sapphic Aquatica, the club’s women and trans bathhouse event.
Fatima Mechtab recently began coordinating events at Oasis and is the force behind Sapphic Aquatica’s relaunch. Mechtab is looking forward to the event’s renewed energy and to attracting a more inclusive and diverse crowd. On Jan 29, DJ Cozmic Cat will be on decks all night long, and attendees will have access to Oasis’s wet and dry saunas, heated outdoor pool, dancefloor, private play rooms, and full-service bars on two floors.
“I even came up with the concept of having a giant naked Twister game and stickers indicating what you are into as an icebreaker,” Mechtab says.
Her vision for Sapphic Aquatica is to create a fun, comfortable and safe space for women-identified people (straight-identifying women are welcome). Mechtab does not want to focus on hardcore sex or porn shows (although this shouldn’t deter kinkier folks – all floors of Oasis are open, including the dungeon and private rooms). There are no clothing requirements, and Mechtab encourages attendees to dress in costume or go nude, whichever they prefer.
Oasis has held monthly women’s and trans nights before, but due to a lack of marketing, past events didn’t get much attention. Mechtab has big plans for Sapphic Aquatica and is enthusiastic about her outreach strategies.
“I’ve been getting the word out a lot more and I’m approaching new avenues,” she says. “I want to make it more open and do more outreach. For future events, I’d like to see workshops that will be educational and about the politics of sexuality.”
Mechtab preaches openness and diversity – important aspects of Sapphic Aquatica that she says have not necessarily been addressed in the past. “I want this to be inclusive. It’s for queer women, trans women and straight women who want to have fun and have sex in a comfortable space – and many aren’t comfortable with men present,” she adds.
Oasis is regularly open for women and straight couples. In an area saturated with men-only bathhouses, Oasis tries to differentiate itself: it is not a swingers’ club, but it does have special events. These include Monday student nights, fetish nights, spectator sex nights (where attendees can sign up to perform) and Pleasure Palace, another women and trans event that features specific theme rooms (Mechtab says its organizers have been very supportive of her relaunch). Oasis allows single men only on Wednesday nights.
“Oasis is very open-minded to new ideas and how to improve the sex lives of everyone of every gender,” Mechtab says. “Having this type of event is really important to the club.”