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Stephen Fry to host musical gay-wedding TV special

Starting March 29, same-sex marriage will begin officially in England and Wales. So what better way to celebrate equal rights than by kicking things off with a televised gay wedding! Hosted by Stephen Fry! And also the entire thing will be a musical because you can never guild the lily too much.

In a blog post from the happy couple, composer Benjamin Till and musical theatre actor Nathan Taylor talked about their decision to turn their wedding into a big gay Broadway-style production, saying that “[t]his isn’t a musical about our wedding, this is a musical celebration about the historical importance of March 29th; the first day gay men can legally marry in England and Wales.”

The reason they picked a musical was because . . . well, composer. Musical-theatre actor. You write what you know, and when you have 40 combined years of song-and-dance numbers, you use it.

And why wouldn’t you? Marriage is supposed to be a celebration of love, and if your idea of celebration involves a massive musical number and Stephen Fry, then by god, you’d better turn it into an off-Broadway hit.