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Stephen Lewis interview, part 3

Criticizes Coca-Cola and Jamaican laws

Below is the the final part of a three-part video series with international AIDS activist Stephen Lewis. In this installment, Lewis talks with local AIDS activist Tim McCaskell about the link between HIV/AIDS and homophobia, Jamaica’s human rights record, and Lewis’s demand for an apology from Coca-Cola.

Lewis says that Coca-Cola sponsored a concert in Jamaica six months ago that headlined homophobic reggae performer Sizzla.

“Sizzla sang a song from the platform, as everyone could have predicted he would, advocating the killing of gays from the platform,” says Lewis. “The entire concert was sponsored by Coca-Cola. And behind Sizzla was a big Zero Coke sign.”

Lewis wants the company to run a full-page apology in all Jamaican newspapers and sponsor a gay-friendly concert in Washington, DC, during the International AIDS Conference.

If it doesn’t, Lewis says he has told the multinational corporation that “we’re going to go after you internationally.”

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