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Steve Walls and BA-NA-NAS


Have you read the backlash from the article about Steve Walls' art?

It's literally batshit bananas crazy town over there. Are Xtra readers sniffing gas or what? (Not the readers of this blog, no sir.) They are saying that his art should be burned.

Well, then, maybe anything "you" hold dear should be burned.

If you think that Jesus with an erection is offensive, that's insane. Because dudes, if he was a real person and existed — bitch got hard, TRUST.

What's really at issue is how much we still have hang-ups about sex, PERIOD. It's the same old mentality behind conservatives telling us we shouldn't come out because sexuality is a private issue. People need to relax about this, FOR REAL. What the hell does Islam have to do with Matthew Hays' article?!


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