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Steven Harper got fucked on Flashpoint

If you’re confused by the title, no, our Prime Minister didn’t miss the episode of Flashpoint where Hugh Dillon had to talk down a serial rapist from penetrating the Right Honourable.

I just discovered that Steve Harper has a history as a gay porn star.


Yup, that’s Steve Harper, from Studio 2000’s Czechpoint, released in 1999. So that’s what he did when he stepped down from Parliament between 1997 and 2002. I didn’t think the National Citizen’s Coalition would pay enough to support a growing family. Cool points to the first person who updates his wikipedia page.

Steve Harper acted in a number of gay porno movies in the late nineties, including a Falcon video titled Flashpoint.

(Ok, yeah, I know that’s not the same Stephen Harper, even if they do both have the same creepy smile. For one thing, this Harper’s incredible hair part is on the wrong side of his head.)

Just a short blog post from me today. I’ll be updating this blog over the weekend and next week with reviews and interviews about queer-themed plays at this year’s Summerworks Festival, happening right now. For those not in the know, it’s a Festival of indie theatre, and kind of like the Fringe’s more erudite little brother. And it’s full of queer plays and performers!