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Still fighting the good fight

Today is the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, an important day for all of us in the queer community to remember that for a part of our family, conditions are still pretty abysmal.

Currently, there 20 reported cases worldwide of transfolk being murdered for who they are. And mind you: those are only the reported cases. Trans people who aren’t allowed to be who they are inside have been known to have higher instances of depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies. And as shown during the recent election campaign, small-minded people still view them as second-class citizens.

The good news is that, although there’s still a long way to go, mainstream society is beginning to catch up to trans people when it comes to being open-minded and accepting. Bill C-389 was passed earlier this year, an act that amended the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code to include gender identity and gender expression. Trans women like Lea T, Isis King and Candis Cayne have become sex symbols. And trans man Chaz Bono appeared on Dancing with the Stars, one of the biggest and most watched family shows in North America.

Granted, those last two are small steps to the larger goal, but ultimately, they’re still progress in us getting to where we need to be as a society. One where you don’t have to feel afraid to express who you are or be miserable, pretending to be what other people perceive you as.   

Anyway, to end this off, I figured that nothing would be more suitable than a video from Buck Angel, one of the most famous trans men out there. 

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