Toronto Diary
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Still, tip your barristas

It’s been a quiet week in the gaybourhood so far, but already we’ve had an embarrassing about-face from the Premier, who retracted his musing about abandoning the already-legislated rise in the minimum wage to $10.25 starting next April. Minimum wage workers just got a raise to $9.50 starting today. All of this is good news for the barristas, servers, and retail workers who keep Church Street moving.

Speaking of, the city’s announced plans for streetcar track replacement on Church St. from Carlton St to Wellington St between June and December, which will significantly reduce traffic flow. Plan to avoid driving here. Let’s hope that the numbnuts in the transit department at least have the sense not to be operating between Carlton and Queen during Pride. By the way, isn’t it really, really, dumb that streetcars short turn at Church, rather than somewhere just outside of the core, like Sherbourne or Parliament?

In bittersweet sort of relevant news, a New York lesbian couple who married in Toronto has become that state’s first same-sex divorce, even though the state does not officially recognise same-sex marriage. Although it recognises same-sex marriages recognised in other US States. This story makes my head hurt.

And Toronto’s Ecce Homo theatre company, which had a hit at last year’s SummerWorks Festival with The Pastor Phelps Project, has been invited back to the festival with its new show, The Ecstasy of Mother Theresa or Agnes Bojaxhiu Superstar.