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Stonewall train wreck, bisexual awareness and the real Putin

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Stonewall is just as bad as everyone thought it would be

With the release of Roland Emmerich’s semi-historical film Stonewall at the Toronto International Film Festival, critics were quick to confirm that the film is just as bad as they expected it to be. Read Vanity Fair’s critique, which calls the film “offensively terrible and terribly offensive,” Daily Xtra’s take, which says the film is so bad it’s not even worth boycotting, or skip right to Autostraddle’s hilarious roundup of the harshest critic lines.

Bisexual Awareness Week

Bisexaul Awareness Week came and went, highlighting how many bisexuals still face struggles with stigma, invisibility and discrimination. The Movement Advancement Project created a vivid infographic for the occasion, showing how bisexuals suffer more partner violence, economic insecurity, and health problems than gay, lesbian or straight people.

Lawmakers propose Stonewall National Park

Two American lawmakers have proposed making the Stonewall Inn in New York City a national park. Stonewall is often credited as the birthplace of the modern gay rights movement after riots in 1969 resisted a police raid.

Read more at the New York Times.

Vladimir Putin actually calls Elton John

After a Russian prankster convinced Elton John he was Vladimir Putin, the real Putin followed up with a phone call, the Kremlin has confirmed. Putin told John he hoped he was not offended by the prankster, and offered to talk further about “issues of interest.”

Read more at the BBC.

Bolivian LGBT movement proposes alternative to marriage

Bolivian LGBT activists have proposed civil unions, or a “family life agreement,” as an alternative to marriage for same-sex couples. The Bolivian constitution currently limits marriage to a man and a woman.

Read more at La Razon (Spanish).