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Stop racing against time

Take some for yourself

In November 2005 you could walk into any bar on Church St or tune into almost any Top 40 radio station and hear Madonna’s hit single at the time, ‘Hung Up.’ Preceded by ticking clocks Esther flatly intones, “time goes by so slowly.”

Of course the irony is that it doesn’t. I had to check on the internet when her last album, Confessions on a Dancefloor, was released. I had thought it was November 2006. It certainly seems like only a year ago.

Somehow November and December always feel rushed to me. Especially this year, it seems like my to do list grows increasingly long, like some exceedingly greedy child’s wish list for Santa. Neither queers nor straights are immune to this seasonal rush of activity.

I think of friends who somehow balance full-time school with part-time jobs and wonder how they do it.

Time is a precious thing. Most people don’t realize it because time is not something you can see, smell, taste, touch or hear. Because time doesn’t register with any of our five senses we take it for granted. Maybe that’s why we give away such large amounts of it to school, work and the minutiae of daily life, like brushing our teeth and doing laundry. And that doesn’t even account for how much of our time is spent sleeping.

Of course all the above-mentioned tasks are necessary — school so we can find a good job, work so we can pay the bills for shelter, clothing and food. And doing laundry because nobody likes a pair of dirty socks.

What I propose is this: Pick one day this week and devote an uninterrupted block of time to doing something you love. Don’t be stingy, try and take at least two or three hours. Exit your email and let the answering machine take care of any phone calls.

Even better if you can share this block of time with someone special. You could take them out for dinner or a walk, or any number of activities. While you’re enjoying your chosen activity try and focus on what you’re doing. Don’t let yourself be distracted with thoughts of Christmas presents to be bought, appointments to be kept or anything else for that matter.

And if you’re really feeling daring you might even try taking your watch off.