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Stop the hate!

What?  Gay marriage fighting in California AGAIN?  Yep, the Supreme Court is deliberating over whether the Prop 8 ban is unconstitutional (hint to my black-robed pals: IT IS).  Pioneering activist and friend of Harvey Milk, Cleve Jones made a great speech at one of the many, many protest vigils across the US last night:

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Campaign has created a handy list of the lies being spread about gay people (except for the myth that we're all brilliant stylemakers — I like that one).

A strange new lie was tossed out at a counter-protest by wingnut lawyer David Gibbs III, who said gay rights would "open the door to unusual marriage":

"Why not polygamy, or three or four spouses?  Maybe people will want to marry their pets or robots."

Robots???  Okay dude, first off:  Cylons are really sexy.  Second: who wouldn't want to attend this wedding? 

Who could hate the most adorable (and shiny) couple ever? 

Maybe Julian Smith — he hates Facebook:

Don't be a hater, Julian!  After all, maybe there's even room to forgive Vanilla Ice:

And as for me?  The only thing I hate is jet-lag (oh, how I hurt) and London is everything Lily Allen promised it would be!