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The Globe and Mail reports on the hit Marseilles soap opera that recently featured the first gay kiss on French TVThe first?  Even the Americans did it over a decade ago and the French invented kissing!

Commentators on YouTube are arguing over whether this anti-condom rant from "Jesusophile" is real or a joke.  I just say it's unfunny either way:

Conservative newshound Matt Drudge made Out magazine's "Gay Power 50" list!  Only problem is, he doesn't want to be on it — claiming he does not love sex with men, Chaka Khan or "The Young and The Restless."  Forget about gay — someone check to see if he's human.

Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstalwas asked to help block the decision to allow gay marriage in that state.  Here's what he said:

Now there's a heartland guy!  He and Nathan Manske are my quiet heroes this week — Manske created the terrific website I'm From Driftwood because, he says:

"There are gay stories from every corner of the Earth and I think they should be told."

Amen, brother.  Just don't tell Matt Drudge's!