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Straight bar dons rainbow glow

Tuesdays get Pride parties

Über-straight bar Minglewoods has come out of the closet — as bisexual on Tuesdays. Feeding off the success of Guerrilla Gay Fare’s Feb takeover, Minglewoods has partnered with Capital Pride to host a fundraiser night to be known as Pride Tuesdays.

Minglewoods’ DJ Steff says after the takeover, the staff at Minglewoods approached Pride with the offer.

“The staff was ecstatic,” says Steff, reflecting on the takeover’s queer patronage. “The customers were very respectful and there were no fights. There isn’t one negative thing to say about that night.”

A Minglewoods waitress was so smitten with the gay clientele, she called up Pride and presented the unlikely fundraising pairing.

While some may find it queer for a straight establishment to be hosting a Pride event, Pride board member Elliott Youden says Minglewoods’ persistence made it hard to refuse the offer.

“Minglewoods chose Pride,” says Youden. “They engaged us with a fundraising idea that was second to none and we decided to accept their offer. We are thankful and happy that bars in Ottawa are willing and able to partner with Capital Pride to make it the most successful festival to date.”

Clubbing staple Tainted Tuesdays moved from Touche in late 2007. It has since ended its short-lived partnership with Jazz’oos on Sparks St. Planners say Tainted Tuesdays will return later this spring or summer.

In the meantime, Pride nights at Minglewoods begin Apr 1 and will run until Pride in August.

“It will bring a different aspect to the bar,” says Steff, who has also overseen the decks at Helsinki and Lookout. “Everyone, including gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals has the right to party and have a good time in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere.”

Youden encourages all the community to come out and support Pride.

“Live your Pride. Living your Pride is about being proud of your sexual identity wherever you are in this city. We encourage our community to support their Capital Pride festival and join us for some fun,” says Youden.