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Straight marriage, holocaust survivors and an unkosher cafe

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Two Irish straight men marry to avoid inheritance tax

When a heterosexual Irishman needed care while sick, he offered to pay his best friend with his house after he died. But to avoid a huge inheritance tax bill, the two decided to get married. [The Guardian]

Quebec school cancels sex education after parent complaint

A school board in Sherbrooke, Quebec has cancelled sex education and anti-homophobia seminars because a parent complained about his child being exposed to pictures of gay people. The parent reportedly complained that Grade 6 was too early to hear about homosexuality, and that “Sherbrooke isn’t necessarily like Montreal.” [CBC]

German gay holocaust survivor and activist dies

A survivor of imprisonment by both the Nazis and the post-war German government for homosexuality, activist Wolfgang Lauinger has died at age 99. He never received compensation from the German state for his imprisonment. [Deutsche Welle]

Jerusalem café run by lesbians faces vandalism

A café in downtown Jerusalem run by a lesbian couple has had windows broken and equipment damaged by vandals. The café has faced opposition from ultra-Orthodox religious groups. [Haaretz]

Study shows heightened suicide risk among gay teens

A new American study has confirmed using a nationally representative sample what many smaller studies have shown before: that lesbian, gay and bisexual teens are more than twice as likely to consider or attempt suicide as straight teens. [American Medical Association]