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Straight men we love

Opponents of gay rights often say they're doing it to "protect the children" (um, from what, exactly?) but can anyone tell us how beating up an Oshawa lesbian couple in full view of kids at a schoolbus stop accomplishes that?

Perhaps Family Research Council president Tony Perkins could but watching him lie to CNN's Anderson Cooper about 'gay rioting' in California makes me disinclined to believe a word he says (cheers to Lisa Bloom for taking him on!):

It's easy to get angry listening to this drivel so today, let's stay positive and salute our allies: gay-friendly straight guys like…

– California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who told CNN that he hopes the state court will overturn the gay marriage ban. I think Tony Perkins called gay marriage a "tumour" and well, you know the rest.

– The Killers' singer Brandon Flowers, who says, "A lot of my heroes were and are gay men." Watch him girl out at a UK concert this weekend:

– Indian actor Abhishek Bachchan, who stars in 'Dostana,' the first gay-themed Bollywood movie, this fall and who told a United Arab Emirates paper, "I bow to the gay fraternity…Appreciation and love from any quarter is welcome."

– and of course, US actor Paul Rudd, who — though forever denied me by a series of restraining orders — appeared on 'The Daily Show' to perform what host Jon Stewart could only call "the most seductive dance." Watch their love unfold before your eyes: