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Strange bedfellows

As we watch loser rivals Stephane Dion and Jack Layton suddenly kiss and make up following Stephen Harper's amazingly self-destructive trick of pissing off every other party at once, we ask: Which of these other new unions seems craziest?

a) New World Order BFFs Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

b) Tom Cruise's family "marrying" David Beckham's family?

c) US Senator for Georgia Saxby Chambliss (real name!!) and his, ewww, granddaughter? Check out the wandering hands:

d) The famously feuding Kids in the Hall returning to the CBC?

e) Sean Penn wanting more sex from James Franco? (Actually, that one is perfectly understandable)

f) Slightly "fruity" "Attack of the Show" hottie Kevin Pereira and Batman?

g) "Guitar Hero" and the vagina?

I'm gonna go with b) myself — every time I think Tom Cruise has reached the upper atmosphere of insanity, he fires up a new booster rocket of crazy!