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Street meat: now with added rat!

One of the first things i did when I moved to Toronto from Montreal two years ago was go out and get an Italian sausage from one of the street carts. The only way you can really appreciate greasy, sloppy food you buy on the street is to grow up in a place where it doesn’t exist.

But now it looks like that might not be the smartest thing to put inside of you, especially since some of them have been noted to contain massive quantities of rat shit and various assorted dead vermin. And those are the ones that are still open.

Elisaveta Moskova has been selling hotdogs and sausages for almost 20 years and with her husband has held up to a dozen of the licences required to own and operate carts during that time. The city recently tried to shut her down; Toronto’s civilian licensing tribunal has given her another chance.

[…] Last November, city inspectors found five dead mice and more than 150 mouse droppings in one of her carts operated at Simcoe St. and Queen St. W. That cart, which the tribunal agreed was a “horrific health situation,” was shut down. Moskova’s vehicle licence for the cart and the location permit — a separate city permit owners of fixed carts require to operate at a specific location — were suspended. (From The Star)

Normally, this is where a joke about how hot dogs are essentially made of rats and poop anyway would go, but HOLY CRAP. These things are swimming in hazardous material, and they’re selling you food. All I’m saying is you may want to make sure you’re up to date on your tetanus shots.

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