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Let’s think physical with the National Ballet of Canada

In pursuit of proving that high art can also be extraordinarily sexy, the National Ballet of Canada has released a new video of its male principal dancers.

“The Men of the National Ballet of Canada” is just that: principal dancers Guillaume Côté, Keiichi Hirano and Piotr Stanczyk, and aside from the incredible talent it takes to be a principal dancer . . . God, they’re lookers . . .

Guillaume Côté is originally from Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec. He joined the company in 1998 and became a principal dancer in 2004. He’s danced internationally and is also an award-winning musician and composer.

Keiichi Hirano was born in Osaka, Japan, and studied at the Setsuko Hirano Ballet School before joining the company in 1999. He became a first soloist in 2006 and danced to critical acclaim in the roles of the Faun and the Golden Slave in the National Ballet’s recent Canadian premiere of Nijinsky.

Piotr Stanczyk is a Polish-born State Ballet School of Poznan transplant who also joined the National Ballet of Canada in 1998 and became a principal dancer in 2008. He appeared as the White Rabbit in the company’s recent version of Alice in Wonderland.

It’s quite incredible what these men can do with their bodies, and the summer programming of the National Ballet looks like it will challenge them further! Côté and Stanczyk are set to star in the second detail of Physical Thinking, and Côté will also be one of the Prince Charmings in the production of Cinderella.