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Strike a pose

How to attend and participate in Harbourfront Centre’s #artlive Vogue Ball

Lady Ice Nuance shakes at the Bizarre Ball last summer. Credit: Skye Dew

Are you a closet voguer? Do you have an inner schoolboy dying to come out? Is it time to sport your bizarre side on the outside? Harbourfront Centre’s #artlive Vogue Ball is your chance. Hosts Mother Trouble and Father Titus, from House of Nuance, answer a few essential newbie questions.

I’m new to the ball scene. What do I need to know?

Don’t be nervous and don’t be shy. People worry they have to dress a certain way or know certain language. The truth is you just have to be brave enough to attend. After that, it will all start to make sense.

Any tips for a low-cost, high-glamour look on a budget?

Two simple rules: The glue gun is your salvation. Glitter is your enemy. Open up your mind because almost anything is possible.

Someone’s throwing me shade. What’s the best way to respond?

On the runway, darling! As the song says, all queens think they’re fierce. But the runway is the truth-teller. Storm that shady bitch when she steps on the runway and have the judges pick you as the top dog. Then she’ll know to eat it without you saying a word.

I live in a very tiny apartment with roommates. What’s the best way to work on my runway walk?

One of our babies, Chili Nuance, is walking a runway all the time. He puts on his music and pumps it out in the street. The streets are the biggest runway of all. And all the ice this time of year teaches you to adapt and learn to handle shady opponents. But the better question is why aren’t your roommates walking with you in your very tiny apartment? Shady fuckers.