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Strike averted – for now

Thanks to Lisa Raitt’s intervention with
the Canada Industrial Relations Board, the Air Canada flight attendants’
strike has been averted for the time being. Long enough to get back-to-work
legislation rolling in the House next week, in any case. Meanwhile, CUPW is taking
the government to court over its back-to-work legislation during the postal
strike in June.

Marc Garneau takes exception to the way the
government is using its majority as a means of maintaining its policy of
secrecy. That said, former Liberal house leader Don Boudria defends the use of
time allocation, though I’m sure they could probably agree that a legitimate tool can be
abused (like prorogation).

In advance of Thomas Mulcair’s leadership
bid announcement, Brian Topp scores the support of the United Steelworkers
union. Meanwhile, it seems that Libby Davies’ decision to support Brian Topp
may have been the issue that staked Peter Julian’s aborted bid.

A poll from a federalist think tank in
Quebec shows that 80 percent of Quebeckers agree with the repatriation of the
constitution – an idea that was anathema 30 years ago.

What’s that? All the talk about royal
designations, the War of 1812 and military history is an attempt by the Conservatives
to brand themselves as the party of patriotism? You don’t say!

Kady O’Malley completes her look at the
first round of private members’ business, with items 21 to 30.

And the British Parliament is looking to update the rules of succession to the Throne so that male children will
no longer be given precedence (video here). That said, I somehow doubt
they’ll change the rules to make Catholics eligible, considering that the
British monarch is the head of the Church of England, and that would be an
intolerable conflict of interest to some.

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