Toronto Diary
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Strike Over?

6:21pm — Sexy update! — VIA Rail has extended it’s discount ticket offer to end of day Friday!

The striking city workers have announced a tentative deal with the city, which apparently allows all sides to claim a victory on sick days — workers can’t bank any more sick days, but any already banked days will be maintained with the option to cash them out early. Sounds like a outright victory for Miller, to be honest. Torontoist does a roundup of the commentsphere’s craziest rants on the strike over the last month. It actually has me a bit jealous. You know, you can post comments on this blog too!

In other strike news, VIA Rail announced 60% off all Canadian destinations through to Dec 14 if you book online before Wednesday at midnight, as an apology for the inconvenience of last weekend’s strike. Just sayin’ Montreal’s DiversCite is on until Sunday, and it’s a long weekend.

The AV Club has an interesting article on the theoretical outing of John Travolta. Seriously, if Travolta were to come out, would anyone care? Certainly we’ve hit outing fatigue, no?

No one can resist the temptation to kick America’s favourite ex-governor. Even after her resignation, the one-time drag queen favourite Sarah “I’m from the real America, the one with the teen pregnancies” Palin is still inspiring late night talk show hosts and Bill Shatner.