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Stud Muffin Celebrity Auction


 Did my scream in this video make you laugh? 

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In other news, what are you doing this Sunday?

Numbers Cabaret and the incomparable Barb Snelgrove are selling some local beefcake to help raise money for BCPWA. Xtra will be covering the event, so come down and say hi!

Here's an excerpt from the Numbers site:

We will be auctioning off local studs for charity; the highest bid wins. Each stud comes with a date package. Some of these packages include dinner, while others have more adventure, like snowmobiling or going to Whistler for the day. Check the date package each stud comes with on the night of the event. Bidding will be done in a silent auction format. They will be strutting their stuff around the club, so go check out the merchandise. Barb will intro our meaty dishes throughout the night so you can find out some of the history on our boys. 

Barb Snelgrove will be hosting the event, so anything is possible. For those of you who will not be bidding on our boys, the night will also have other ways to support, such as games and contests where you can win other prizes. We are putting some of our debauchery games such as “Suck for the Peanut” in the mix, which will definitely add some spice. 

The ticket price for this event will be $10, which includes a beverage. 100% of the door tickets, auction, contests and games goes to BCPWA. All people participating are donating their time. Local restaurants, theatres, clubs, organizations and professional services are donating everything for this cause. All sponsors will be displayed and mentioned at the event. Please support those businesses that support us.

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