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Study: 83% of sex workers on Facebook

Read about that ish right here. I myself am a fan of a lady of the evening on FB, and I follow her updates on TWITTER.

83 percent of prostitutes have Facebook pages, and many turned to the social network before Craigslist got rid of the “adult services” category, according to Columbia University sociology professor Sudhir Venkatesh.

K, now for ce soir. 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy hosts Rad Sex Ed: A series of 101 workshops for everyone. Here's the schedj. 


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May I ____ your ____?, Monday, February 7, 18h – 20h
Consent is sexy! But let’s be honest, navigating consent in sexual situations can also be complicated, confusing and downright awkward. Let’s talk about it! Spend an evening with us, playing games and brainstorming creative consent strategies!

Getting Off Getting Off, Thursday, February 10, 18h – 20h
Safer sex, consent, and communication are the foundations of a rad sex life. How does pleasure fit into the mix? Come talk about bodies, sex, making out, and getting off.

TBA, Monday, February 14, 18h – 20h

Film screening & discussion: Year of the Carnivore, Thursday, February 17, 20h – 23h
Directed by CBC’s Sook-Yin Lee, Year of the Carnivore is a story about unrequited desires and the quest to get “good at” sex. Stay after the screening to talk about the film!

2110 Mackay (metro Guy-Concordia)
tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 7431

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