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Study finds Americans more offended by pride flag than Confederate flag

Given that the pride flag is nothing but a rainbow, you’d figure it would be pretty hard to hate. How can someone hate the rainbow? It’s the visible colour spectrum, damn it! Do they want to see in nothing but grey scale?

Well, according to a study by Public Policy Polling, a pretty staggering number of people found the pride flag to be offensive. Once again: RAINBOW. They are offended by RAINBOWS.

Following an incident in Maple Valley, Washington where students wore Confederate flags to school to protest gay pride month, PPP asked Americans how they felt in regard to the pride flag versus the Confederate flag. According to Edge on the Net, 43 percent of respondents were perfectly okay with students wearing the Confederate flag, while only 28 percent felt students should be allowed to wear pride flags.

Seriously: when given the choice between the flag of a group that thought slavery was just the bee’s knees or a rainbow flag promoting tolerance and acceptance, they went with the one tied to slavery. Kids being happy with who they are? Boo! Kids wearing a symbol used to protest the desegregation of schools? Okay, apparently!