Toronto Diary
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Suck it, Bobby Flay

As someone who masturbates to the Food Network more often than he’d care to admit (Robert Irvine’s arms are the shit), I appreciate it when good-looking men cook things for my enjoyment. This is why I’m sharing this little piece of camp, Cooking with Beefcake Too, which, I’m guessing, means that it was the sequel to the Cooking with Beefcake.

Cocktail Time! from EIT! on Vimeo.

Anyway, I’m not really sure what’s going on here, other than that there is an awesome old bitch who has a personal harem of bare-assed, apron-clad go-go boys cooking for her. It’s odd that it was hosted on a website called Everything Is Terrible because everything in this video is FUCKING AWESOME. And I didn’t even need to suffer through Guy Fieri’s creepy date-rapist face to watch it.

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