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Suck on Daniel Craig!

Sure, other headline writers went for the polite joke but hey, we're all friends here, right?  In case you haven't seen this already, Del Monte has created a limited-edition fruit ice bar in the shape of "coolest celebrity" Daniel Craig in his 'Casino Royale' swimsuit:


Speaking of sucking, I wasn't planning on spending another moment on the murder of Kansas abortion clinic doctor George Tiller but I was amazed and astounded by the end of the press conference from pro-life Operation Rescue leader Randall Terry — mere seconds after blaming Tiller for his own murder, he's ordering lunch:

Like blustery newsman Keith Olbermann (in another savage takedown of Bill O'Reilly), I'm appalled yet fascinated by a mind that can switch moral gears so efficiently. Take Dick Cheney (please!) — while President Obama was declaring June Gay Pride Month, Cheney suddenly and uncharacteristically had to go one better:

Or my new hero — Dr. David P.
, a professor of Christian ethics who says we gays are owed an apology!  Thanks, Dr. Gushee — as the ridiculous 'Dancing Man' from Sasquatch 2009 proves, it only takes one man to turn things around: