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Summer TV watch list

The hottest season is usually when television fizzles.

Summer’s frequently a dumping ground for the big four networks, although some of the greatest series of all time had a summertime debut. For every Sex and the City (debuted June 6, 1998) or Survivor (debuted May 31, 2000) there’s terrible tv like currently-airing mindless messes Love in the Wild or The Glass House

So if you’re finding solace from summer by staying inside this year, here are three great TV shows that come from cable networks to keep you company. 


Sadly the current eighth season of Weeds will be its last. Over the last eight years, we’ve seen Nancy and her Botwin brood burn down the suburbs, sling bud on the beach and battle with Mexican kingpins. It’s true that the constant scenery changes turned some fans off as hilarious characters were dropped along the way. I’m hoping Elzabeth Perkins’ bitchy Celia and her queer daughter Isobel (Allie Grant) will resurface over the swansong season.

As Nancy, Mary-Louise Parker has been nominated for the Best Comedy Actress Emmy three times and has yet to win. The series itself was nominated only once so perhaps Emmy voters will shower Weeds with some love now that it’s coming to an end.

When season seven ended, viewers were left with a cliff hanger where an unidentifed assailant shot Nancy as she toasted the family’s new life in Old Sandwhich, Conetticut. The shooter ended up being exactly who some very dedicated bloggers said it would be, after they compared the blurred screen grab of the shooter to IMDb actor photos.

So will this trigger happy terror now be welcomed into the Botwin clan seeing as Nancy played a part in his father’s demise? Or will psychotic Shane finish him off? There are 12 more episodes of Weeds left for us to find out.  

Weeds airs Sundays at 10 pm on Showtime.




I can see why Futurama was cancelled after its fourth (by the original production’s plan) season. By 2003 the quality of comedy had become increasingly subpar. However, now with the return of Mission Hill creators Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein the show’s future on Comedy Central looks bright.

Highlights from last season include the genderbending “Neutopia” and “Proposition Infinity” where Amy and Bender are persecuted for engaing in a robosexual relationship. The current season has gotten off to a hilarious start with Bender having a baby with a vending machine voiced by lovable lesbian Wanda Sykes ("The Bots and The Bees.")

Here’s hoping the remainder of season seven will be as magnetic as the gaze of hypnotoad.

Futrurama airs Wednesdays at 10 pm on Comedy Central. 




Is it an over statement to say that True Blood is the best soap opera ever to be aired? Now in its fifth season, True Blood continues to be engaging and erotic.

Series creator Allan Ball has frequently stated that the persecution of vampires in True Blood is a not-so subtle metaphor for the struggles gay and lesbians have faced. 

This season’s arc appears to be regarding the return of uber-baddie Russell Edgington who will most likely rain havoc upon Bon Temps.

With Tara now turned vamp (and bisexual, as we learned last season,) queer cook Lafayette struggling with his magic curse and Sookie becoming a murderer, it looks like True Blood won’t be drained of fresh ideas any time soon.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9 pm on HBO.

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