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Sun columnist thinks Kathleen Wynne will ‘run screaming back to men’

When you’re the first female premier of Ontario — not to mention the first lesbian premier, to boot — you’re inevitably going to be on the receiving end of some less than cultured remarks.

This week, Toronto Sun columnist Mike Strobel decided to celebrate some recent shuffling around the office by making a crack about how Sue-Ann Levy and Christina Blizzard, the former transplanted over to Queen’s Park while Blizzard made the move to senior writer, would have Kathleen Wynne running “screaming back to men."

"So Sue-Ann Levy is off to Queen’s Park,” he wrote. “May God have mercy on their souls. By the time Levy and Christina Blizzard are done with Kathleen Wynne, the hapless premier will be running scared."

Nothing egregious there, right?

Well, it seems an original version of the column suggested something quite different. Namely, that Wynne will “run screaming back to men.” [SOURCE]

First off, when you said that two of your co-workers would make Wynne change her sexual orientation . . . was that supposed to be a compliment? I’m not sure you know how flattery works. Second, someone else’s writing can’t make you switch teams. If that was the case, The Twilight Saga would have made millions of people’s sex organs resign in protest.
But look, in all fairness, maybe it was just a poorly worded joke. Humour doesn’t always land the way you want it to. And it’s not like The Sun published an equally bass-ackwards post around the same ti — Ah fuck me, did they really? Shit. SHIT.
"And while power colours are blue and grey, Wynne should stay away from them, because they’re cold colours and she has warm colouring. She should stick with brick red. Shallow? I think not. On royal tours, the most important e-mail for reporters is the one telling them what the Queen or the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing that day. One more thing. How long do you think those unflattering, horn-rimmed glasses will last? Just a thought. [SOURCE]"

In all fairness, that excerpt makes a lot more sense when you read it out in a super-queeny Paul Lynde voice. Go ahead, try it . . . See what I mean?

But seriously, lesbian-switching-teams jokes? Cracks about a woman’s wardrobe? Even I don’t do that, and I’m literally paid to be a bitch. It’s on my business cards and shit. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’re going to criticize a politician, you might as well criticize their positions and policies. Criticizing clothing options and lesbian jokes? 5 Gs please.