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Super-gonorrhea, gay penguin marriage and genital stimulation

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Berlin Zoo helps gay penguins move in together

The Berlin Zoo has moved two gay penguins, Stan and Olli, to a shared enclosure so they can continue their romance. The two king penguins were brought to the zoo to procreate as part of an endangered species program, but have so far only had eyes for each other.

Read more at ABC News.

LGBT activists threaten Tel Aviv pride

Israeli LGBT activists are furious that the government has invested far more in a tourism marketing campaign for Tel Aviv pride than it has invested in LGBT organizations. Activists say they will protest the parade unless the funds are reallocated to LGBT groups.

Read more at Haaretz. 

Sex-hatin’ Ted

While there’s a lot of anti-sex rhetoric in American politics, few top Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. The Associated Press reports how Cruz campaigned in 2007 to protect a ban on sex toys, arguing that Americans have no constitutional right to “stimulate their genitals.” Now on the campaign trail, Cruz counterintuitively told a married gay man the best thing for his marriage is “religious freedom.”

UK Doctors warn of super-gonorrhea

A UK epidemiologist is warning that gay men in the country may be at risk of drug resistant gonorrhea, and says they should stick protected sex if possible. The strain of gonorrhea can fight one of the two drugs used to cure gonorrhea, and doctors worry it may also become resistant to the other.

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LGBT Human Rights around the world

The Human Rights Campaign has collected all the LGBT data from the US State Department report on international human rights. You can read about LGBT rights in every country of the world in one document here.