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Super Sunday blues? Watch tonight’s Don’t Quit Your Gay Job

It may not have the hype of yesterday’s Olympic men’s hockey game between Canada and the US, but tonight’s episode of Don’t Quit Your Gay Job is getting into the winter sports spirit. 

The premise of the show is this: hosts Rob Easton and Sean Horlor (Xtra’s Vancouver blogger!) meet someone doing a job, they learn how to do the job and they compete to see who does it better. The show just started its second season this month on OutTV.

Tonight, they face off on the ice. Watch the teaser below:

Catch it on OutTV at 7:30pm ET/PT. 

Xtra spoke to Easton and Horlor last year, around the debut of Don’t Quit Your Gay Job. They spoke about season one highlights, including learning how to strip, with the help of pornstar Reese Rideout.

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