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Insane loopy fun

Site: Superdickery

Ignore the ugliness and press image galleries when you arrive at Superdickery. The fun begins with eight galleries of real unaltered covers and panels from old comic books spanning the 1930s to ’80s.

“Suffering Sappho!” (Wonder Woman in bondage), “Everything’s Better With Monkeys” and “Propaganda Extravaganza” are insane and loopy fun. But for us gay folk nothing is more fascinating and outrageous than “Seduction Of The Innocent” and its quirky, bizarre and thoroughly amusing collection of covers and frames. All of the gay sexual innuendo is immensely satisfying.

See Jimmy Olson look like a “slick chick.” See Super Boy and Ultra Boy give each other an X-ray vision once over. But Robin flying head first into criminals’ asses, “Rainbow Batman” and the Joker “boner” gag are the jaw-droppers. And wait till you get a load of Toni Gay and Butch Dykeman being told to “straighten up.”