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Supersized go-go dancer

Big Roger has his own sexy website

Credit: David Ellingsen

Michael Venus: So your website is, like, totally taking off and you are getting lots of new press. Tell us about your website and how it all came together.

Roger Esperon: I have known the photographer of my website for about four years. I first met him when he came to Vancouver to do a photo shoot with me for one of his sites. We discussed making a site about me, with his great photography ( It is an adult members site with tons of things. Right now we have 28 galleries with about 24 pictures each, 13 short video clips, a page about me with my info, training, and diet. Every 15 days a new gallery and every month a new video is added. And, we have a free live chat where you can chat with me while I am doing my live webcam show, which is three times a week-for members only. There is a store where you can buy what I have worn in the movies or photo shoots, and there is a message board where you can talk to other bodybuilders about any topic you want-that part’s a free page, too. There are also some free pictures on the “about me” page and in my personal album.

MV: You certainly are big. What are your measurements?

RE: I am 240 lbs, five-foot-nine, 20-inch arms, 52-inch chest, 33-inch waist, 29-inch quads.

MV: Is it possible to get any bigger?

RE: I don’t know but I am still trying.

MV: I’ve heard that you are also doing a lot of travelling and make club appearances. How is all that?

RE: The club appearances are great, and I have been to so many places in the US this past six months. It’s great to meet people from all over, and I have always liked go-go dancing. I like the attention I get.

MV: What have been your favourite places for a party and why?

RE: They have changed a bit over the last two years. I used to go to Montreal to dance for BBCM and their parties, and I really enjoyed them, but now I think I have grown out of that scene, and don’t enjoy big parties like that as much. I would rather go to a nice club in New York or Miami where they are not as big and you get to meet more people.

MV: For someone who has never gone to a circuit party, describe what they are all about and what goes on.

RE: It depends where the party is held. Vancouver is great because we get to mix gays with straights, partying all together, and we are all friendly and mingle a lot trying to meet other people from all over. Parties here are not as sexual as other places. It’s more about having fun with friends. A lot of people are not going to like this, but in Vancouver it’s not all about the music at the parties; the music actually can be quite bad.

In Montreal or Toronto it is all about the music. The music is the most important thing about the party. It’s all about the shows and entertainment, and they can be a bit sexual. Straights and gays are at the same party but separated. In NYC and Miami it is all about looking good and beautiful, music is very important and the parties are very sexual. The people are very snobby with lots of attitude, and the parties are very gay. In Dallas it’s about having fun, looking good and beautiful, with very friendly people at relatively small parties. It’s a great environment with lots of friends. LA and SF are about looking good and beautiful; it’s not so friendly, the music is okay, but the parties are very gay.

MV: Who is your favourite DJ?

RE: Victor Calderon and Able. Every time I hear them it is amazing, they get better and better. They can play for 12 hours straight, non-stop, with super high-energy music the entire time.

MV: What are some of your fondest party memories or craziest scenes at a party-and you can get dirty here?

RE: Wow, well, in my normal life I am a very shy guy actually, and very quiet and keep to myself. I don’t talk much. But, when I am partying everything changes. I become the most uninhibited guy and so open and chatty. At a nice circuit party where everyone is happy and squeezed all together, I love to get fondled and fondle guys. I love to get oral done right on the dancefloor where everyone is watching. So I guess my craziest scene is to have sex on the dance floor.

MV: You must have a lot of mouth-watering hungry fans who lust over your larger-than-life bod. What is the wildest thing a fan has done or said?

RE: When they meet me they are usually a bit intimidated, but I get tons of emails every day filled with fantasy sex stories where they want to do all types of things to me.

MV: I’m sure you are many men’s fantasy; what is your type?

RE: Right now I am starting to notice young skinny guys.

MV: And, what would be your kinkiest kink and why?

RE: I love a rape scene, because I love forcing myself into the guy.

MV: Yumm. So are you always a top?

RE: This is a funny question because it has changed over the years. When I first started to get together with guys, I would bottom and I did enjoy it. As the years went by, I just wasn’t interested in bottoming and it would really hurt, so I became a total top, but still that doesn’t mean that for the right guys I wouldn’t love to bottom. There has got to be something special about the guy that makes me want to do that.

MV: So after all your travelling, what are your favourite things about living in Vancouver?

RE: The first time I came to Vancouver about seven years ago, I fell in love with the city. Everything was so new and clean. I love modern architecture, and Vancouver is the place for that. The people are friendly and you are able to make good friends. People in general in Vancouver are very open, especially the young population, and that is very nice too see.

MV: What brought you to the ‘couv?

RE: I first came to Canada to study French in Montreal, but I couldn’t stand the weather there, so I came here. Before Canada I was living in the States finishing high school.

MV: So, what is up and coming for you and the site? What can we expect from you in the future?

RE: Right now I am promoting the site, and having appearances all over the US. I have done some videos for my site and I will be making lots more. I also want to get some other guys involved for the live webcam shows.

MV: Thanks, Roger and keep pumping!