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Surprise, surprise!

Today's news is just stuffed full of things we didn't see coming…

Not content with being a lust object for woman and gay men, Jude Law will appear in Sally Potter's next film as the aptly named "Minx":

I'm not surprised by the "Ex-Homosexual" T-shirts available from the "Passion for Christ Movement" (heavy sigh) but seeing their hip, young, black models in "Ex-Masturbator" shirts is deeply weird: "We pray that you will join us in breaking the silence on an issue that has stayed silent for too long."  Not long enough, I'd say.

Speaking of getting down with the kids, there's scandal in the Roman Catholic church this week with the revelation of a high-ranking priest having illicit sex…..with a woman! Turns out he may not have been molesting children, but fathering them.

In other unlikely developments, Skate Canada is now trying to butch up figure skating.  For instance, they're no longer called sequins, they're "armour beads."

I didn't expect to be on Day 3 of the Christian Bale "Terminator" explosion but after all the debates and the dance remixes, now we get the YouTube mashups — Bale's rant has been hilariously mixed with infamous meltdowns from grouchy gasbag Bill O'Reilly and, better yet, an irritated-beyond-belief Lily Tomlin:

"Ziggy Stardust Remixed" is an odd internet surprise.  Has the legendary David Bowie album been embellished or embarrassed? (I'll admit to loving the MGMT mashup so far!)

And finally, the day's most shocking surprise: the sex in porn is not how people actually have sex!  (I've been doing it all wrong!)  Check in on this cute site and learn a thing or two!