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Surveying the aftermath

With the shift in the political landscape, Egale Canada hopes that Harper will indeed govern “for all Canadians.”

Now that they’ve been elected and are facing closer scrutiny, Jack Layton is getting defensive about those NDP mystery candidates. Like the one who spent most of the campaign working in a pub at Carleton University rather than in the riding three hours away – when she wasn’t vacationing in Vegas. Or those four McGill students. Or the former Communist candidate. And the 19-year-old who just finished his first year at the Université de Sherbrooke and was destined for a summer working on a golf course before he got elected. Meanwhile, the woman who nearly beat Marc Garneau doesn’t seem to think it’s important for accomplished people to run for office. Apparently we’re “beyond that sort of voting in 2011.”

Here is a look at gay Liberal Mario Silva’s loss in Toronto Davenport.

Susan Delacourt cribs the Liberal leadership heirs-apparent.

Dan Gardner looks at political centrism in Canada in the wake of a more polarized Parliament and nods to the US to see what political polarization has done to a fairly centrist electorate.

Here is a look at some of the discussion in the Liberal Party about its future, as well as Rob Silver’s take on where the Liberals need to go next.

And Elizabeth May wants a more civil House of Commons. With it more polarized than ever? Good luck with that.
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