Toronto Diary
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Survived the Rapture? Come to Sodom!

Well, this is it everyone! By 4am, we’ll finally know if the crazy radio-show host was right about the rapture arriving and… Wait, what the what? Now we’re taking our religious prophecies from talk-show hosts? Jesus… You might as well go to Howard Stern for religious guidance then.

Aaaaaanyway, on the off chance that this is all bullshit (or you’re left behind and survive the rapture), why not come by Sodom’s Hollywood Zombie party over at Goodhandy’s this Saturday night? Think about it: the apocalypse is already gonna be upon us, and the dead will be roaming the earth, so you might as well take advantage of it and go out in your best blood-spattered couture.

The zombie graveyard party comes alive (so to speak) at Goodhandy’s on Church St when the doors open at 10pm. Cover is $7 before 11pm and $10 after. If you’re a ticketholder to the Bruce LaBruce documentary The Advocate of Fagdom you"ll get in for free, which is a pretty sweet deal. Be sure to come dressed as your favourite undead celebrity, and I should probably mention right now that not everyone needs to come as zombie Lady Gaga. See you there, unsaved sinners!

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