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SWOON: a word of welcome

Welcome to the Kox & Kuntz conversation. My name is Lina and I will
be blogging here from now on. What do you want to see? What do you
like? What do you know? Share with me, share it to all in the comments
section. That’s the whole fun of it…

And now for the first edtion of “My Future Ex-Girlfriend.”

COCOROSIE (have a listen on: www.myspace.com/cocorosie)
is coming to town tonight. And one the sisters, Biance, the gay one, is
def. a candidate for My Future ex-girlfrend. Afterellen has an
interview with the lady herself, here.
I will be at the show, at the National (1220 Ste-Catherine E) making my moves. Wish me luck.

Ready to swoon?