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Taco Bell, sharia law and the gay cold war

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Taco Bell denies connection to pro-gay ad

Taco Bell says it did not make a professional-looking ad in which two men share a Taco Bell wrap, get married and cuddle in the park. “Although we cannot condone unauthorized use of our intellectual property, we are impressed with their work and would be open to meeting with them,” a representative told LGBTQ Nation.

Corporations line up behind Florida gay marriage

Dozens of major corporations have filed an amicus brief to the US 11th Circuit Court of Appeal supporting gay marriage in Florida. Gay marriage is expected to become legal in Florida Jan 6 after a lower court decision, but the Court of Appeal may still review the case. Supporters include Pfizer, Amazon, Deutsche Bank and Staples.

Read the brief at Scribd.

Indonesian sharia law forces gays underground

Gay people in the Indonesian province of Aceh have to hide their identities in response to a new law under the provincial sharia code that will punish homosexuality with 100 lashes. The province gained the right to practise sharia law in a 2005 peace treaty, forcing the local LGBT community to retreat from public life.

Gay Nigerian actor hopeful about gay-rights future

A decade ago, Nigerian actor Adebisi Alimi fled his country after coming out as gay on national television. Now, working for Nigerian gay rights from the UK, he says public opinion in Nigeria is swinging in the right direction.

Read his interview with NPR.

The new gay cold war

The conflict between Russia and the West is not just geopolitical, writes Liam Hoare at Slate; it’s ideological, and LGBT issues are at the fulcrum. Hoare describes how Europe is splitting along gay lines and how Vladimir Putin is using LGBT opposition to gain allies.

Read more at Slate.