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Tainted Tuesdays are back

New venue, same crew

Mid-week queer event Tainted Tuesdays has made the jump to Jazz’oos Bar & Lounge located at 132 Sparks.

Holding the event at Jazzoo’s will offer queer clientele a bigger dance floor, bottle service and closer proximity to the gaybourhood, says Tainted Tuesdays creator Bara Rek-El-Bakhour.

The event was held at Touché in the Byward Market until December, when it temporarily became homeless. That all changed on Feb 6 and initial response has been favorable.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better re-launch party. The turn out was incredible, people showed up even before we were opened,” Rek-El-Bakhour says.

Tainted Tuesdays will continue to offer drink specials and give back to the community through fundraisers and charitable donations.

And as winter turns into spring, Jazz’oos (or Jazz’OOs — they capitalize the Os) will offer another amenity gays have come to expect from their bars: an outdoor patio.

“There were a numerous factors that played into the decision of which venue to choose, from capacity to pricing. But the two main factors that I was looking for me was: One, an upper scale venue and with amazing service — I believe this community only deserves the best — and two, a venue that would give back to the community and not just take. As done in the past, we plan on giving back to the community through charities.”