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Taiwan, acid dispensers and bisexual wages

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Taiwan celebrates pride as nation considers marriage

An estimated 80,000 people took to the streets in Taipei this weekend for this year’s gay pride parade in Taipei. Pride this year has special significance this year as the country’s ruling party reiterated its support for marriage equality legislation.


Man who put acid in gay bar lube dispensers avoids jail

A man who tried to pour hydrochloric acid into lube dispensers in a gay club in Sydney, Australia will not go to jail. Due to his poor mental health, the court ruled that the attack was an uncharacteristic episode, and gave the man a two year good behavior bond.

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Bisexual men earn less than gay or straight

A study of 20,000 workers in Britain has found that bisexual men make 20 per cent less than straight men for similar work. The same studied showed that gay men make about the same amount as straight men for similar work, and more overall.

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Oregon could elect a bisexual governor

With all the attention on Trump and Clinton, it’s easy to forget there are other races being run November 8. One of them will be for Kate Brown, the appointed governor of Oregon. If she’s elected, she will be the first bisexual governor elected in the United States.

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