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Taiwan, junk science and Luxembourg eye candy

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Taiwan will move towards equal marriage

Taiwan’s constitutional court ruled Wednesday the country must pass legislation in the next two years permitting equal marriage for gay couples. Taiwan will be the first country in Asia to make the move.

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Hungary hosts hate summit

Hungary’s right-wing government is hosting the World Congress of Families, a United States organization widely recognized as an anti-gay hate group. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban gave a speech praising Christian values and encouraging Hungarians to have more children.

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A photogenic first husband

While heads of state met to discuss the future of NATO, their spouses gathered to snap a picture in Belgium this week. Twitter particularly ate up Gauthier Destenay, the handsome first husband of Luxembourg’s gay prime minister.  

Gay panic science

A Canadian researcher hoped to prove in a new study that homophobic men experience more stress when watching gay men kiss. Instead she found that her subjects experienced the same amount of stress regardless of attitudes, suggesting that non-homophobic men may be just better at handling their stress.

Male attraction theory of lesbians criticized by gay community

Researchers in Cyprus have theorized in a new paper that same-sex attraction among women may have evolved because it is attractive to straight men. The paper was met with scorn from both LGBT groups and scientists.

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