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Taiwanese man gets nine years for targeting gay men

Xu sentenced for sexual extortion scheme preying on gay men

Taoyuan County, where Xu lured a gay man for sex, then robbed him. Credit:

A Taiwanese man was sentenced July 15 to nearly nine years in prison for a sexual extortion scheme targeting gay men, the Chinese-language newspaper Liberty Times reports.

The accused — identified only by his surname, Xu — lured a gay man to a hotel room in Taoyuan County with the promise of sex with an underage boy. 

After the victim had sex with the boy, Xu and his accomplices rushed into the room, beat the victim, and took a bank card and 26,000 Taiwanese dollars ($900 Canadian). 

Xu then forced the victim to follow him, but the victim managed to call a friend, who called police. 

Xu’s accomplices were sentenced to between seven and eight years in prison.